Live PPACA Certification Course - Speaker: Janet Trautwein, NAHU Executive Vice President & CEO

  • August 19, 2013
  • 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Hilton Irvine / Orange County Airport
We will be offering you a Custom PPACA Certification Program taught by NAHU's CEO and Executive Vice President Janet Trautwien.  This program will provide you with six out of ten modules during a classroom study on Tuesday, August 19th at the Hilton Irvine / Orange County Airport.  The remaining four modules and final exam to be completed online.

The cost for the program is $495 for members and $595 for non-members (click here to join).

Click here to register for PPACA Certification Program.

Custom PPACA Certification Program


Developed by experts in both PPACA and employment law, this high-level 11-hour course will ensure that students understand the key technical components of PPACA and are better prepared to counsel their clients on upcoming required healthcare changes and new options and requirements for health plans. The Custom PPACA Certification Program will provide instruction for six out of ten modules during a classroom study with the remaining four modules and final exam to be completed online.


An overview of all regulations already issued will be presented along with details on specific regulations issued to date. Students will be able to develop client-specific timelines and provided advice to guide clients in planning for the future.


The classroom study is paired with online self-study resources that can be accessed at the student's convenience through their personal online library. To ensure that students stay current on healthcare reform implementation, they will receive periodic updates as part of their continued subscription.


NAHU Executive Vice President and CEO Janet Trautwein will instruct six out of ten modules during the classroom study. Each attendee will be responsible for completing the remaining four modules online and the final exam. Certification will be provided following completion of the course and an online examination with a passing grade.


The PPACA certification course is a certification of expertise in the provisions and implementation of health reform. It does not meet state or federal requirements that may be necessary to sell exchange-based plans.


The OCAHU Exclusive PPACA Certification Program

  • Click here to register for the OCAHU Chapter's Custom PPACA Certification Program on August 19, 2013 with a registration start time of 9:00 am PST, program start time of 10:00 am PST and ending time of 5:30 pm PST.
  • Six hours of compact classroom educational content; Q&A opportunities per module, online library study resource, final exam and 11 hours continuing education credits.
  • Location: Hilton Irvine / Orange County Airport                             18800 MacArthur Boulevard - Irvine 92612
  • Lunch, refreshments and parking will be provided.
  • Workbook and outlines of each module presentation.

Course Modules Include:

  • Implementing Healthcare Reform  - Overview and Politics of PPACA
  • Grandfathered Plans and Small-Business Tax Credit
  • W-2 Reporting, Summary of Benefits & Coverage, Waiting Periods, Auto Enrollment, Essential Benefits & Modified Community Rating, Minimum Value Plans
  • Health Insurance Exchanges for Individuals and Small Employers
  • Employer Pay or Play
  • PPACA and Self-Insured Plans

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