CAHU-PAC, was established in 1992 as the political action committee associated with the California Association ofCAHU PAC Home Page Health Underwriters (CAHU). Its mission is to facilitate, with strategically targeted political contributions, the legislative and advocacy program of CAHU with a primary emphasis on supporting the role of the agent in the delivery of private health insurance.

CAHU-PAC accepts contributions primarily from licensed insurance agents and insurance companies and operates under California legal authority. CAHU-PAC’s Board of Directors works with CAHU, and the 15 local chapters located throughout the state, to create advocacy opportunities so that legislators understand the vital role of independent and licensed insurance agents.

CAHU-PAC advocates on behalf of licensed insurance agents and their clients in California on numerous issues of vital concern including their role in solicitation of health, long-term care, annuity and life insurance products, insurance market reform, rising health care costs and regulations affecting agents and brokers.

You Don’t Have To Be A CAHU Member To Contribute To CAHU-PAC

With rare exception members of the California Association of Health Underwriters (CAHU) are engaged in the health insurance industry. However, there are tens of thousands of life and health insurance professionals who, for various reasons, choose not to join CAHU. Regardless, every licensed insurance agent who solicits medical, dental, long-term care and/or senior supplement insurance and even life and annuity programs benefit from the legislative advocacy that CAHU has been involved with for more than 20 years and the financial support that CAHU-PAC lends to the effort.

The issues that we engage in are multi-faceted. While our efforts to help maintain an open and transparent private health insurance marketplace is the most prominently featured our volunteers and professional staff have advocated on behalf of all agents regarding licensing, continuing education and requirements concerning agent/client disclosure. We also attend public meetings and gatherings all over the state to explain the vital role of licensed insurance agents in the delivery of all life and health insurance products.

Believe it or not, not all advocacy groups think highly of our profession. Many large organizations spend millions of dollars every year to convince legislators and their aides that agent activities should be regulated out of existence. We act as a counterweight to this ongoing effort to put us out of business. CAHU-PAC’s fundraising efforts benefit all agents regardless of your membership in CAHU or your level of contribution to the PAC.

With this in mind, even if you are not a member of CAHU, we would like you to consider contributing to CAHU-PAC. Your contributions will help support the cause of all licensed life and health insurance agents in the State of California. CLICK HERE for one time contribution online, CLICK HERE to set up a monthly contribution online or to download a PAC Contribution form. Please consider a monthly automatic checking or credit card contribution. It’s easy and helps us build our efforts on a consistent and meaningful basis.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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