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Do you have something to say?  Try your local newspaper or ...

You may have seen some articles in the paper recently talking about health care reform… or read an article in a magazine that made you feel the need to respond.  There are resources that can help you with some talking points if you're interested (see NAHU and CAHU for some ideas).  The general rule of thumb for a letter to the editor is to keep it short and to the point, 100 words or less is ideal.  Many publications have email addresses you can use to make it easy to let them know what you think, or to offer your services as a contact on a particular subject.

Check out the site Brokers Making a Difference for information on what brokers are doing around the country to make a difference in their communities.  You can also use the links to find brokers in other areas of the country if you have a need out of state, and find brochures on the value of agents - good information to share with your clients!

You can look at NAHU and find the Media Relations section on the left toolbar - there check out the press releases and media relations tools if you're inclined to get out there!

Want to talk with your elected officials?

If you're not sure who your representatives are but you want to make your voice heard you can look up the contact information at NAHU.  This site has many resources including a search engine that provides this information - look under Consumer Information - and then under Related Links.  Here you can find links to find legislators at all levels listing names, addresses, phone and email contacts.

Once you know who and where they are we have people that are really involved with what's going on here locally.  If you'd like to set up an appointment with your legislator and you want someone to go along - we're here for you!  If you want to fly solo that's great too… you can check out CAHU for updates on California activities or NAHU if you're talking with a national representative.  Please let us know how we can help you!

As always, we have the responsibility to support our industry as it is supporting us.  If you're not currently contributing to CAHU PAC please consider doing so.  The contribution form is online at OCAHU and CAHU.  If you're interested in supporting the NAHU PAC you want to visit NAHU for updates and information on HUPAC.

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